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Container Tree House

The project is a creative and attractive project named Container Tree House according to its shape and appearance.  It is a purpose to innovate a site and develop a new lifestyle for people to meet the client’s requirements. Taking advantage of the existing area and resources, containers are the main materials that support our project; 20-foot*3 containers will be utilized at the first stage, and 40-foot*2 containers will be added into the second stage if they have more budget. Meanwhile, the project's highlight is the skywalk that connects the container with another container on Container Tree House. It will be a fresh destination for people and attract them to visit so that Northshore will be turned into a new riverside location with sustainability, innovation and creativity in Brisbane. To echo the ideas of “creativity” and “innovation”, teenagers become the first choice as our target audience due to their open-mindedness and bold personality.

Designer - Kwun Ting Wong

Animation - Kwun Ting Wong

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