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O_O Blue

The project O-O Blue(Out of the Blue) is to design an interactive audio installation. We have created an emotional transition mechanism, and we want people to experience an emotional transition during our installation experience. We wanted the experience to shift from a feeling of nervous anticipation to an unexpected emotion. So, the suspenseful layout is an excellent way to explain this emotion.

O_O Blue was exhibited at Ars Electronica 2021 Graden London on 10th September 2021


To understand what it takes to experience tension while simultaneously generating hope and fearful anticipation, we designed two outcomes for the ball on the balance board to create suspense: the first is that the ball reaches the edge but does not fall off, and the second is that the ball will fall off. Of course, the ball will keep moving on the balance board during the process, but the probability of the resulting outcome is uncertain.

Project Manager - KwunTing Wong

Project in collaboration with: Wanrong & Shuyun

The emotion of suspense is realized by the moments that lead us to an uncertain outcome, and if the result is uncertain, we remain in a state of suspense. However, when the outcome occurs, the state ceases to be suspenseful. (Carrol,1996). This is more like an interactive sound installation that naughtily breaks the audience's expectations; we want to use the concept of suspense for a kind of contrast effect, creating a feeling of tension, fear, and hope. Still, the ending is manipulated as an unimagined situation.

We turn up the sound frequency when the ball is almost at the edge (dangerous) and expected the ball to be on the board (safe). The frequency of the sound changes because of the movement of the ball. 

The results showed that most people could feel the suspense visually and they tried to move/control their bodies to save the ball from falling.

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